Welcome to the first introduction to AMERIKA ART called TEMPUS EDAX RERUM. This word by Ovid “Time eats time” stands for a new world that is different, that overcomes biological limits, that creates eternity in the Digital. The engine eternal reaches out to our identity.

Assume you have never heard of THE INTERNET and today you will be among the first who hear about it. You will shake your head and most likely say “That’s nothing for me. For what shall this INTERNET be any good?”

Today we enter THE BLOCKCHAIN OF ART where we put our LIVES into it. Not all of us will be in it, only the artists who contributed to AMERIKA ART. They will be connected by an AI, an Artificial Intelligence, running on a blockchain created by Satoshi Nakamoto, he gives his ID for the Genesis Block, the very first block on the chain of in total 26 invited avatars. These avatars will be visualised by a neuronal network that Hashmask has coded for this event.

The event starts with a show by Venus Adored. The landmark you may ask for will bring you there. IM JulietteSurrealDreaming inworld SL. A performance in Opensimulator will follow at Amerika Events in Craft World.

At the end of the performance, there will be an artistic bridge to the environmental aspects of bitcoin mining. These and other aspects that come with AMERIKA ART will be discussed in an Art Talk in October. Each month will be one where various artists of AMERIKA ART will come in focus. Today we get them all connected as a start.


Everybody knows how to zoom, right?

Everybody knows how to run, right?

Everybody wants to be the winner, right?

Everybody loves the winner, right?


Who will be the hero of the day?

Say it! Say it!

(me me me)

And here comes the challenge.

Run and guess.

Speak with the framed avatars. Say to the frame whatever you like to say so the frame will understand that you have the knowledge of naming, the knowledge of claiming.

I see Bryn Oh. Do you see Bryn Oh? Then run to the frame and say, “I want the Three-Legged Maskitt Bryn Oh. I am born as a winner. Bryn Oh hear my cries. I am begging for the Maskitt”

And if the frame intelligence believes in you then the transformation of the frame will happen and you get one point. Then run to Cherry Manga, run to Molly Bloom, run to …

enough help given.

The one who deciphers the most names will get the Hashmask Avatar, will be framed for eternity, will be the T S N K O, The Still Not Known One and will be featured in Hashmask 1 5 7 7 5 3

Here are the names:

Art Blue, Art Eames, Bryn Oh, Cherry Manga, Delain Canucci, Gem Preiz, Glyph Graves, Hashmask 15753, Ilyra Chardin, Jaelle Faerye, Jo Ellsmere, Juliette Surreal Dreaming, Kisma Reidling, Kerupa Flow, Kunst Blue, Molly Bloom, Rage Darkstone, SatoshiNakamoto, SecondHand Tutti, Sergius Both, Terra Merhyem, Thoth Jantzen, Tillo Tallo, Uan Ceriaptrix, Venus Adored, WizardOz Chrome.

Match the right name with the right frame. Chat with the frame and you might get rewarded.

Remember the winner takes it all.

Now time for the first blockchain for avatars in the history of mankind. Juliette you may cut the ribbon and the run for glory will happen.

Just let you know at the end we meet again here at this spot.

We will break virtuality and enter the real world. The world of Amerika Art.


J: Now I cut the ribbon ….


And at the end, you will meet Giotto di Bondone. The speaker will say:

Time has come to head to the end of the show. Like at the grand finale of a firework that was made to signal the end of a century something must happen, something you will later say, I was there. Now I understand, what a floor made of glass means in the Arts.

Please join Juliette and Art in the middle of the Turbine Hall. Step into the circle that will be drawn by the hands of Giotto. What is said about Giotto?

Almost every aspect of Giotto is subject to controversy: his birth date, his birthplace, his appearance, his apprenticeship, the order in which he created his works, whether he painted the famous frescoes in the Upper Basilica of Saint Francis in Assisi, and his burial place.

But what made him immortal was how he gave proof of his skills to Pope Benedict XI

When Pope Benedict XI sent a messenger to Giotto, asking him to send a drawing to demonstrate his skill, Giotto drew a red circle so perfect that it seemed as though it was drawn using a pair of compasses and instructed the messenger to send it to the Pope. The messenger departed ill-pleased, believing that he had been made a fool of. When the messenger related how he had made the circle without moving his arm and without the aid of compasses the Pope and his courtiers were amazed at how Giotto’s skill greatly surpassed all of his contemporaries.” (Wikipedia)

You see that minimal art is not an invention of Art Blue. You see that the roots go back to the 13th century.

Today we will create a perfect circle in a digital world as an opener between virtual and real worlds. For this we need the Codemonkey, we need Art Eames.

One of us has to walk to the Frame where the code is hidden and call the monkey who created the new Giotto. This one will get a bonus point, but only when heading fast back to the circle.

Please come now to the meeting point and face a forced visit of reality, a reality in which the trees are planted by Giotto 9000. Reality must survive.