Amerika Art will be presented at the Opensimulator Community Conference 2021. After the announcement of the awards an UPLIFT will take place. One of the design elements of the UPLIFT will be the SCREEN HUD that takes control from the user by giving control to the Metaverse. SCREEN HUD has its origin in the INFINITE THEATRE that was used in various performances, one of them has been INFINITE DRIFTERS [page 21] in a grant given by Linden Endowments for the Arts in 2017.


The speaker will say: “Keep your music stream up and running at all times. …

Afterlife? What is Afterlife? We welcome you to listen to a unique announcement. Listen to the cybernetic brain Gregorovich with words from the novel Sleep In A Sea Of Stars, written by Christopher Paolini. Songs and lyrics are used by permission of Jennifer Hale and Todd Herfindal. …”

The first installation is called Last Step into reality, or more poetically, BACK TO THE SALT MINES, one of all the installations you can explore in Craft World. Read about this in rez Magazine June 2021.