We made it! The first UPLIFT to the Meta at OSCC. There have been more living persons than the transporter could take, so we set up another one for December 15 at 12:00 PM PDT in CRAFT WORLD. And we have the award winners — to be announced SOON in Hypergridbusiness …

And this is the story behind:


Everyone goes right now into Meta, right? We went into Meta 15 years ago, but even we have not been the first. If you ask Google. “When did people start using the word meta?” You get the straight answer: “The first known use of meta was in 1988.” This reference is dated October 30, 2021.

Why is time so important? Because artists extend the time, shift the time, move the time forward and backward. Tomorrow Amerika Art will move forward in time right to the Afterlife in the Meta. That this move connects to the Pharaohs of Old Egypt might be surprisingly on first glance, but on a second view, it is quite obvious. Wahtye, the High Priest of Pharaoh Neferirkare Kakai gave us a blueprint for the Meta, for a digital life in the server.

Of course we speak of the Opensimulator Conference that runs now in the 9th edition and opens tomorrow the Opensimulator Art on a sim named Meta.

The curators Art Blue and Juliette Surreal-D will present the award holders and invite us to an Uplift into the Meta from ground level up to 4,600 meters where the trophies wait to be awarded.

The Canadian artist Bryn Oh created a bronze statue named Maskitt, which purifies the air in a dystrophic world where the environment is overpoluted, so nature will finally flourish again. That this Maskitt has long legs, looks like a species from the outer world shall give us second thoughts how the machine in the future will look.

Three years ago the Long-Legged-Maskitt was given at the Santorini Biennale Immersivia to SH Tutti, Venus Adored, Art Eames, WizardOz Chrome and Rory Torrance.

This year there will be given a scripter award as virtual art moves towards programmed art, static buildings are on the move. Same goes for painters in the real word. Due to the pandemic painters go online, in various ways. One way is to go immersive, to use opensimulator. The award in this category comes from the future, from the greatest artist of all times. The name, T.T. – Tillo Tallo. That many messages are cryptic and might stay this way is a characteristic of the arts. But later when we look back it is not all cryptic. Prof. Dr. Herbert W. Franke created in 1979 the first interactive art machine with controlled randomness inside, today we would stay an AI was running and creating the art in a symbiosis with the user. That’s why the scripters award goes by the pen Name of H.W. Franke, the name Sergius Both. He chose this name to publish one of his first Science Fiction stories “Planet of the lost” (1963) — being not sure if he will make a career as a writer. At this time he was working as a theoretical physicist at Siemens.

The event GOING TO META happens on Sunday, December 12 at 11:00 AM PDT and is life streamed on the Avacon Cannel. The machinima We Are Going To Amerika, created by the Italian Videographer WizardOz Chrome will be premiered.

For the immersive experience you need to log in, but you know this, it’s for the Meta. Happy hyperjumping, and that is the URI to go — 8002/OSCC Keynote 2