AMERIKA.WORLD is the server of the IMMERSIVE INTERBIENNALE AMERIKA ART that happened in 2022, performed by LEIPZIG LAB — VISIT e.V. — It contained Art & Events, like the visit of The Caves in Penig/Amerika, Germany.

The machinima WE ARE GOING TO AMERIKA by WizardOz Chrome shows the contributions so you get the first impression.



Some words that have been published when the art contest was announced: AMERIKA ART is a unique art event. The announcement at the OSCC on December 5th, 2022: “We are going to Amerika. This was the call many of our ancestors followed and it is again to become the call. Let us give this call a voice. [You will hear, “We all living in Amerika. Amerika ist wunderbar.” ….] You heard Rammstein is singing: Amerika ist wunderbar. America is wonderful. We have this kind of a wonderful America for you. It is called AMERIKA.ART — Amerika Art is the new format for an immersive art show. It happens in virtual and in the real place, the village Amerika, Germany. Let us look at this place in the way Google calls Actual Reality. Then the concept of the immersive Art challenge will be outlined. It leads to a new term for the arts: Actual Virtual Reality and to a come together at the AVRDays 2022. The call for AMERIKA.ART starts in January 2021 and the presentation, the Grand Opening, will happen in May and June 2022.”

At OSCC20 the Grand Opening of the OSCC SURREAL MUSEUM happened. It shows selected works from the art conservation project VULCANICUS, from IMMERSIVIA [Santorini Biennale] and from 1BIENNALE. The presented art was given to Art Blue aka Reiner Schneeberger and the Programmed Art Foundation he is in charge of. The terms of use and how to present over time have been set up individually between each artist and Art Blue. No copies are to be taken from the SURREAL MUSEUM without written and signed notice.

The curator for the SURREAL MUSEUM at OSCC is Juliette Surreal-D aka Kisma Reidling. Feel free to contact her, best inworld via IM or via Facebook — Hypergrid Hoppers group.

Nevertheless, there are some great pieces of art in the exhibition that have been given to the community as gifts. This gift section is marked. Feel free to take a copy, but please credit the creators respectfully [CC BY-NC-SA 3.0] All the pieces of art that have been offered via Jeroen Frans at OSCC19 as gifts are to be found there.