When an art show ends all that stays is the catalogue. This goes also for the top league. Let’s take Picasso. “Ich und Ich und Ich” was one of the biggest shows of his works in Germany and the slogan in English goes by “I and I and I and I.” It is used in various ways. I found it printed on buttons of the Leipzig Opera, I found it inside a time travel machine. Did you know where the slogan came from? In the Catalogue you will find some answers to immersive art and meet artists who might be in some years known in the Meta like Picasso in Pre-Meta times. You will meet A Piece of Work, a work of Art. No it is not Loren Gray from TikTok even if she states this to her 70 million followers.

The catalogue links also to short stories published in rez Magazine to Derender Life, to present the Nomad Way to Excavate Meaning. You may start the journey by meeting Wahtye, the High Priest of Pharaoh Neferirkare Kakai, who lived around 2400 BC. Thoth Jantzen & Jo Ellsmere, Jaelle Faerye, Uan Ceripatrix and Glyph Graves have been featured in rez Magazine. Why you will find out by reading. If you spend more time you will get backlinks to stories of Steve Jobs and David Bowie, all connected to Amerika Art.

As a sample for listening to an artificial voice I created a piece for SH Tutti’s SLEA grant In My Bed I Dream of Life. It might be also an easy start to immerse into the Afterlife — but it is all on you how you process the theme. Maybe you find even unlisted secrets like a video I uploaded for ANIKA.RUN, presenting it on media-on-prim at the re-opening of the Surreal Art Gallery where John Cage’s musical piece Organ² ASLSP plays inside for Jaelle Faerye’s Souls Journey.


Reading is a time-consuming way, especially when it comes to Immersive Art. It is like a new language you need to dive into. You will find pages telling a new way of reality and hidden links are given, so maybe you go first for watching the machinima WizardOz Chrome created?

Maybe you want to get the voices of the Artists? Maybe of David Bowie, who is inside Amerika Art? But wait, there are real artists alive that have been interviewed by Juliette Surreal-D aka Kisma Reidling. These interviews I call in terms of Google a FIRST MEANINGFUL PAINT. The word PAINT has changed and stands now for FILLING A CANVAS with meaning, a digital canvas, the new term for screens [and more]. A new language is being developed by the Google AI system OMINVAC 9000. Right, the name is not OMNIVAC 9000 but in some years the language of Religion will fill the void.

“The idea of God is more important than the existence of God.” – Art Blue. This leads me to the statement, that the idea of a SECOND META is more important than God. That this Metaversum is named the Grammaverse might be known just by insiders — and by Grammatrons. TMI – Too much information. I know.

The Catalogue shall be an Enigma where electric horses remember damage.