Christmas in the Meta

We went with the Uplift into META at OSCC 21 so let us keep it this way. On December 22 we will repeat this Uplift in Craft World at Amerika Sandbox. For this, we moved Meta (the content) vom the AvaCon grid to Craft World. But it is Christmas, right? So we called for Santa and, believe it or not, Santa agreed and he will be there.

If you don’t have an avatar in Opensimulator then take the chance and create one in Craft. Then download the Firestorm Viewer in the Opensimulator Edition. After you did then log in. You will see a screen like this one.

This is the program:

We welcome you at 12:00 PM PDT and offer you time to walk a bit around, to watch the machinima of WizardOz Chrome on Youtube and to get the HUDs. Then at 12:20 we jump on the chairs for the Uplift. About 25 minutes later we are at the top at 4,600 meters and then Venus Adored will repeat her short show from OSCC 21 META in the Dome where the Long-Legged Maskitt and Glenda 9 are waiting.

Then Juliette will hand over some Christmas gifts — for good girls and Santa maybe — for bad boys. We have to see!

And once more Merry Christmas from the Metaverse to you all.