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The platform AMERIKA.ART WORLD is under the administration of Reiner Schneeberger, Dorfstr. 14, DE 04416 Markkleeberg, Mobile +49 1712077087. This information has to be given due to the EU regulations.


Why a private sole person has to be responsible for what you read at AMERIKA.WORLD? V.i.S.P. is one reason. It states it is a voice of the German press.

You would understand it all if you are living in Germany and had to face what is called in Germany “Abmahnung.” Behind “Abmahnung” is in fact a growing industry. They seek for a non-compliance to the DSGVO, which is the German version of the GDPR. If there is no glitch to find they create one by postulating that there is one. Some years later you know if there has been one, but for this you need to work your way up to the High Courts. So you call your lawyer and this lawyer costs you money no matter if you win or not or settle the case by intermediation. That is the matter in condensed words. If you don’t believe this all, call Reiner Schneeberger or read his memoirs The Gods of Informatics. He worked for the German Patent Office, created hilarious things, patented and claimed Cyberspace as a German trademark and won many lawsuits. He is happy to face an “Abmahnung.”