On January 10th will be the #01 GO. We will have a full day of Grand Openings. Each contributor will be scheduled so whenever the sun rises do it:


And here is why you shall do so. That was GO #00 – THE GO at the OSCC on December 12, 2021.

We might open the regions of Amerika World at 7:55 AM PDT [17:00 CET] when the curators Art Blue and Juliette Surreal-D will be going online – as every program has to start somewhere. At 1:00 PM PDT the mascot of Amerika Art – Glenda 9 – might join. Soon you will find the timetable.

Is there something to read before January 10th? Yeah, we offer a DRAFT.


The Co-curator of Amerika Art, Kisma Reidling, told me, “You shall tell in the book why you themed Amerika Art this way, the Afterlife. Why one shall buy it.” I said no one will buy the book, it will be online and free to download and that my personal opinion is not what counts in Amerika Art, that WE ARE GOING TO AMERIKA is a travel beyond, a trip every artist has to go —

—  but noticed while speaking with her that this all is just an excuse as I give the awards by my sole choice, there is no jury and I might be more bias than anyone else. My view on art is quite narrow minded, minimal, boxed, boring and weird. What changed in me because now you find some words which Kisma was asking me to put in place?

After I performed Hypercolour Blue for the Grand Closing of Secondhand Tutti’s as an end of year tribute to her installation From My Bed I Dream of Life I considered Kisma’s request. Ten years ago Steve Jobs passed and my show Hypercolour Blue was a tribute to him. Why to him and not to Tutti? The deconstruction of what Secondhand Tutti created and presented at Second Linden Endowments for the Arts (SLEA) for a time span of six months deserve that I focus on her, right? It was the last day of her art spanning over a full sim. Then it went to the ashes. I connected her work and her fate to Rembrandt in the way it was done in Sense 8 – Obligate Mutualisms 1).

Standing as Art Blue in front of her bed in a Vitruvian pose, she suffering from Covid, I aired the last words of Steve Jobs “Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.” 2) Hours later he passed away and I lost one of my early sponsors tough he might never have noticed that he had been. I was looking back to 1981 when Apple supported one of my early computer art showings. The Munich office of Apple had to ask “The Big Boss.” They told me later that “he” agreed. Maybe they just honoured my endurance. It was a tiny grant to get the catering at the Munich Stadtmuseum covered. This backlink already shows that my view is technology-driven. The former name of the Munich Stadtmuseum is Museum of Masterpieces of Science and Technology. That I never studied art but was teaching the art of programming at the department of the arts at the University of Munich adds to my narrow-minded view. I said to Kisma, that she shall write the text she is asking for. That her English is much better than mine. In her novels the magic of the afterlife happens, you meet fairies, Gods and Goddesses, you discover the myth of ancient cultures, all this you can also see in her paintings. She did not take the ball. After half an hour of talking, she said: “Everything you just told me is what you should write down.”

I offered her a different solution. She shall log in with her avatar Juliette Surreal-D and interview the artists, asking them what made them apply to Amerika Art, what are their thoughts on the Afterlife. What they see in their work. It might result in a big contrast to my view of their work — and that is what happened. Afterlife is something you crave to get, but you don’t get answers at all — if you don’t listen to me. I am Ervare. 3) I am Art Blue. I am the reborn Wahtye. I grabbed his domain so you can easily find me in the Afterlife. But this would be a different story.

May the odds be ever in your favour.

Amerika, December 31, 2021

Reiner Schneeberger

1) Voices and sound of the 3rd part of the show, the Uplift (in which the audience travelled to several stations referring to the work of SH Tutti), is conserved in the internet archive at

2) Steve Jobs, Oh Wow. Oh Wow. Oh Wow. at

3) Ervare, the ROT13 cypher for Reiner