DECEMBER 12, 2021, 11:00 AM – 12:150 PM PDT (Los Angeles time).

WE ARE GOING TO AMERICA. That was the message the Pilgrims followed in 1620. AMERIKA is a village in Germany carrying the German / Dutch / Africaans / Turkey name for America so the slogan goes also this way: WE ARE GOING TO AMERIKA. Common between all languages is that we are leaving the borders of the old worlds behind. In May 2022 will be the award ceremony in the real Amerika Museum in Germany.

One year ago the call was made at OSCC20 for an immersive art competition, called AMERIKA ART. At OSCC21 the Grand Opening will happen. The Italian machinimist WizardOz Chrome created a machinima AMERIKA ART 2022 that will be presented, then everyone is invited to explore the art show and to give a vote that will result in the public award for one of the Long-Legged Maskitts, designed as a bronze statue by the Canadian artist Bryn Oh.