AMERIKA.ART Interbiennale for Immersive Art & Culture


TOUCHSTONE DIGITAL has many faces. One is the face of AMERIKA.ART. AMERIKA is real, it is a village in Saxony. AMERIKA is virtual, it is a worldwide event running on OPENSIMULATOR at AMERIKA.WORLD.

Whatever you are looking for AMERIKA is a TOUCHSTONE in technology and the arts. I SEE YOU IN AMERIKA was the start at OSCC20: WE ARE GOING TO AMERIKA. Join THE CALL as an ARTIST right now, or see you in 2022 as a USER.

A USER is a good thing, but best to check it out at rez Magazine.



You might have seen a code on one of the postcards of AMERIKA.ART


The left one comes with a code locator. The right one brings you most likely to this page. Join one of the seminars at AMERIKA when the time has come and get to know the secrets of art and technology.